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General Bar

For over one-half century, lawyers, collection agencies, debt buyers, credit insurance companies and many others have preferred using GENERAL BAR when the need arises to retain out-of-town legal counsel.


ALQ – American Lawyers Quarterly

ALQ is a US-based list of internationally operating lawyers and collection companies specialised in debt collection, creditors' rights and insolvencies.


ECA – European Collectors Association

ECA is an association of collection service providers that operates on a world-wide level and is leading in its sector.


INBA – Indian National Bar Association

INBA is India‘s leading legal association. As an INBA member, debt collection division, we can resort to a competent and far-reaching partner network on site.

Forwarders List of Attorneys

Forwarders List of Attoneys – USA

The Forwarders List of Attorneys is a US-American listing of internationally active, reliable and accredited attorneys as well as of companies that specialise in claim collection. As a “Forwarders List” company we thus have access to a qualified network of partners in North and South America.


IACC - International Association of Commercial Collectors

With members from the USA and 20 other countries, IACC is the biggest organisation for commercial debt collection world-wide. As IACC member we can resort to a competent partner network around the world.


FENCA – is the federation of European National Collection

FENCA is the federation of European National Collection Associations. Our high level of commitment within the area of foreign debt collection is subject to a close cooperation with FENCA at a European level.


BDIU e.V. – Debt Collection Association

BDIU is Europe’s biggest association of debt management service providers and the second largest world-wide. As a member we uphold the quality standards stipulated by the association.



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